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LBF Pactio-Kai by Muramasa91 LBF Pactio-Kai by Muramasa91
Artwork by :iconjc-of-the-redflame:
Pactio by Muramasa91

Number 6-Kai, the Tomboyish Valkyrie
Title: Bellatrix Sororis
Virtue: Audacia
Direction: Oriens
Guardian Star: Mars
Colour: Dark Blue
Kai was introduced to the powers of the Pactio a long time ago. Realising that the pactio was able bestow upon her a huge amount of power, at the cost of making a contract with a partner that she must have a relationship with. She wasn’t willing to do so because she is not willing for any of that until she thinks she is worthy of having ‘a relationship’. Until she meets Lani will she form the contract with Lani and obtain her very own pactio card.
Kai’s pactio is able to give her double weapons-the standard lance she carries would be duplicated and she would have the ability to wield 2 weapons like Sora’s Final Form. With her element base being “Dragon”, she is also able to conjure up the flames of the “Dragon” in her two lances. With the power of the Pactio increased, she would possess the power to fly in midair, as it will give her temporary wings to fly.
The Number 6 on her Pactio Card is to symbolise Kai’s place as a Valkyrie-the honorary sign of the Valkyrie’s heritage in the past, as their leader was one of the 6 members of the Si-Terran Warrior Guilds.

Received permission to do this.
Part of The Lani Boss Fight Sequel JC is doing.
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October 8, 2009
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